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Anna Sorokin, the woman who was labeled the “Soho grifter”, was recently released from a New York prison. Is she returning to her old ways?

A killer was on the loose in the NYC subway system last weekend. Catch the latest true crime story to come out of New York City right here.

Hey true crime stans, do you love makeup? Discover how Bailey Sarian blends makeup and grisly crime stories on her YouTube channel!

The deliberately shrouded, dangerously ambitious, and utterly mysterious murder of Hollywood starlet Thelma Todd still continues. Let's dive in.

The most classic show about the murdered and the missing is streaming on NBC. Watch these iconic 'Dateline' episodes now.

The scope & breadth of Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual abuse horrors have sunken to new depths. Did Epstein force young victims into marriages?

Are you a fan of unsolved & creepy mysteries? If you're in the mood to be spooked, read all about the terrifying events at Cecil Hotel here.

Ever wondered about the story behind the horror YouTube series Local 58? We’re here to unveil the inspiration behind the crime series.

This horrifying true crime story will make you rethink camping. Learn about the Oklahoma Girl Scouts who never came home.