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Creators Submit Here

Creators, submit your content for consideration HERE.

Get views, build your audience, and get paid.

Looking for a partner to expose your work to a new audience? We’re looking for content that:

  • Entertains
  • Informs
  • Engages

We want content dedicated to storytelling, whether a 3-minute music video or 22-minute movie, we want to see content with strong visual identity and a committed, thoughtful narrative.

Bingewatch content is:

  • Innovative
  • Moving
  • Visually engaging
  • Made for creators by creators

We’re particularly interested in content made in collaboration with AI and other automation tools by small, independent teams using cutting-edge workflow techniques.

We can consider the following


Content from 1 to 120 minutes in length


  • We can accept content that has been premiered on other platforms.
  • We give content creators who want to premiere content with us priority placement in our daily newsletter.

Submit your content for consideration TODAY.

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