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In this article we’re talking about the appearance of the traditional Irish cap in different movies and series across the centuries.

Movies and TV shows that feature Irish caps

The film industry is one of the most influential and popular, and so is the fashion industry. They also work well together, characters often have a specific style, helping with their overall identity in the movie. And most TV shows and movies become recognizable by certain outfits or looks. In this article we’re talking about the appearance of the traditional Irish cap in different movies and series across the centuries. The most popular one was in Peaky Blinders, but we want to show you more productions that show off this unique fashion item. If you want to get your own Irish cap and feel like these famous actors, hop on Gaelsong. Read along and get ready for a movie marathon.

The quiet man (1952)

Our first suggestion will help you take a trip back in time. John Ford’s classic film, “The Quiet Man,” starring John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara is set in the picturesque Irish countryside. It’s a romantic drama and it showcases the traditional Irish cap as part of the characters’ authentic rural attire. This movie is perfect for all the romance lovers, but also for the fashion enthusiasts who want to see some truly impressive Irish pieces on screen. 

Gangs of New York (2002)

We’re moving on to Martin Scorsese’s epic crime drama, “Gangs of New York”. From the director to the plot and cast, this movie is a masterpiece. Set in the mid-19th century, the movie features Daniel Day-Lewis wearing an Irish cap as Bill the Butcher. With the action taking place in 19th-century New York City, the Irish cap is used as a symbol of Irish identity and immigrant struggles, adding a deeper, historical layer to the film’s narrative. 

Brooklyn (2015)

This next movie is a romantic drama, set in the 1950s and it follows the journey of an Irish immigrant played by Saoirse Ronan, a very well known and appreciated actress. “Brooklyn” beautifully captures the essence of Irish culture in New York, and the Irish cap makes subtle but important appearances throughout the film. The cap can be seen as reflecting the protagonist’s connection to her heritage, or just as a reminder of her roots.

The departed (2006)

Another collaboration between Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio, “The Departed,” features Irish caps as part of the undercover police officers’ disguises. In this crime thriller, the caps become part of the characters’ attempts to go through the world of organized crime in Boston. A darker cinematic piece than the ones mentioned before, but a truly worth watching movie. 

The man who invented christmas (2017)

This last suggestion is a heartwarming biographical drama revolving around Charles Dickens and the creation of his famous work: “A Christmas Carol”. Set in Victorian London, the movie uses the Irish cap as part of the period appropriate clothing pieces, adding to the overall visual authenticity of the production. Although Christmas has passed, this biography can be seen any time of the year and still make for a good watch.

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