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'Stranger Things: The First Shadow' is coming and there's not shortage of info at last. Let's see what is the most unexpected surprise.

Friends don’t lie: Which ‘Stranger Things’ character are you?

Remember when Stranger Things was all about waffles and D&D? It’s impressive how this storyline has advanced, each season leaves us in an entirely different scenario and that’s something admirable in narrative terms. We’ve lost count of the dead characters since the very first episodes begin. Yet, no matter how short a character’s appearance was, their presence was extra relevant. 

We all miss Barb, don’t we? However, when it comes to tests, usually it’s best to stay with the characters that we’ve known longer and longer. So for this particular test, we’ll be only considering the main gang: Eleven, Will, Mike, Lucas, Dustin, and Max, whose state we sadly ignore. All stranger things seasons have been definitely entertaining, but this last one simply left us speechless. 

No matter which character you identify most with, or if you even do, the truth is we can all feel devastated after that last season. Our fears & thoughts are definitely the bricks of our reality and filter our perception and it’s hard to stop looking through them although we recognize them. Yet, something you can do is find out which Stranger Things character you are, here’s how.

Defeat Vecna and find out which ‘Stranger Things’ character you are!

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